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“Uncovering the Fascinating Mysteries of Ancient Egypt”

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10 Strange Facts About Ancient Egypt

  1. Animal Mummies: One of the peculiar practices of Ancient Egyptians was the mummification of not only humans but also animals. From cats and dogs to crocodiles and baboons, animals were mummified and buried with care. This reflects the deep reverence the Egyptians had for animals, believing them to be sacred beings.

  2. Cleopatra’s Beauty: Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, was known for her stunning beauty. It is said that she used a strange beauty regimen which included bathing in donkey milk to maintain her youthful skin. This practice might seem bizarre today, but back then, it was believed to have skin-enhancing properties.

  3. Head Cones: Ancient Egyptian children often wore head cones made of perfumed wax. These cones would slowly melt in the sun, releasing a pleasant fragrance. It was believed that these cones had healing properties and protected the child from illnesses.

  4. Honey as Currency: In Ancient Egypt, honey was considered a precious commodity and was used as a form of currency. It was valued for its taste, as well as for its medicinal and symbolic significance. Honey was even offered to the gods as a gift.

  5. Crocodile Worship: The city of Kom Ombo in Ancient Egypt had a temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. Crocodiles were revered and mummified, with many such mummies uncovered in archaeological excavations. The ancient Egyptians believed that Sobek, as a god of protection, could ward off evil.

  6. Magic Spells: Ancient Egyptians were deeply superstitious and believed in the power of magic spells to protect them in everyday life and in the afterlife. The “Book of the Dead” contained numerous spells and incantations to guide the deceased through the underworld and ensure a safe passage to the afterlife.

  7. Tooth Worms: Ancient Egyptians believed that toothaches were caused by tooth worms. To treat this, they would mix various ingredients like herbs, incense, and mouse bones to create a paste which they would apply to the affected tooth. While their understanding of dental health was primitive, they were innovative in seeking remedies.

  8. Feline Guardians: Cats were highly revered in Ancient Egypt, to the extent that harming a cat, even accidentally, was considered a serious crime punishable by death. Cats were believed to have protective qualities and were associated with the goddess Bastet, who was depicted with a cat’s head.

  9. Beer for Nutrition: Beer was a staple food in Ancient Egypt and was consumed by people of all ages, including children. It was believed to be nutritious and safer to drink than water, as the fermentation process killed harmful bacteria. This ancient beer was thick and bread-like, quite different from modern brews.

  10. Burial Masks: The famous burial mask of Tutankhamun, made of gold and precious stones, is an iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt. What’s strange is that this exquisite mask was not originally made for King Tut, but was repurposed from an earlier female pharaoh’s burial mask. The features of the mask were altered to suit Tutankhamun’s likeness.

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